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Tactical Terminator Magazine and Pistol Case

Item Number: JFG0017

 Tactical Terminator Magazine and Pistol Case
  • While it looks like an attaché case, it holds far more than your paperwork! The   Tactical Terminator magazine and pistol case holds two pistols in external padded pockets and has internal pouches for eight pistol magazines and six rifle magazines. There is also additional storage for a cleaning kit, a pistol-mounted flashlight, an optical sight, and other parts and accessories.
    Each internal magazine pouch is has a Velcro closure to securely hold and help protect the contents. The other pouches and pockets are zippered. The case itself zips shut and when unzipped it lays flat, giving you easy access to your magazines.

    21"L x 16" tall and 2" deep, not counting the exterior pockets. A great way to discretely your guns and ammo to the range, a match, or on a mission.
    NOTE: current production works for compact Glock magazines and 1911 sized magazines, but NOT for full sized Glock magazines.

Size       21"L x 16" tall and 2" deep 
Color         Black,Coyote,O.D.,Multicam and other camoflage color
Notifications          Big order accept OEM&ODM and customer logo